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Slot Wolfram Language Documentation

If you are migrating from an earlier version, please read through the migration guide
to update your assistant. The default behavior is for slot mappings to apply after every user message, regardless of the dialogue context. To make a slot mapping apply only within the context of a form see Mapping Conditions.

  • The from_intent mapping will fill slot slot_name with value my_value if
    user intent is intent_name.
  • Save the code for your custom slot in a directory
    alongside an empty file called “” so that it will be recognized as a python module.
  • Then use a data action or another source to retrieve the values during the bot conversation and store them in a string collection variable.
  • {

  • If you are using the feature Entity Roles and Groups you also
    need to list the roles and groups of an entity in this section.
  • |}{

  • Slots are defined in the slots section of your domain with their name,
    type and if and how they should influence the assistant’s
  • |}{

  • As long as a slot is listed in a form’s required_slots, the form will prompt for the slot
    if it is empty when the form is activated.
  • |}

You can specify whether or not a slot influences the conversation with the
influence_conversation property. The entities section lists all entities that can be
extracted by any entity extractor in your
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Please pay attention to our content guidelines before you post your review. Slot Zeist was built in the seventeenth century as a place of enjoyment for Count of Nassau-Odijk, Willem Adriaan. Temporary exhibitions are organized in the cultural, right wing of the castle. Airport slot coordination is the process that allocates scarce airport capacity to airlines in advance of each scheduling season. Later, we will see how we can implement the same mouse tracking functionality as a Composable.

To maintain the 2.x form behavior when using from_text slot mappings, you must use mapping conditions,
where both active_loop and requested_slot keys are defined. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.

Slot-type List

Marino Pusic (first assistant coach) and Robin van Persie (field coach) were added to his staff, while John de Wolf was retained as second assistant coach. This slot will not be updated on every user turn, but only once a custom action that returns a SlotSet event for it is predicted. The from_text mapping will use the text of the last user utterance to fill the slot

Slots and slot types overview

Slot without bubblesVirtually accepts an optional children function prop, which takes fills as a param. It allows you to perform additional processing and wrap fills conditionally. Slot with bubblesVirtually set to true also accept an optional className to add to the slot container. You can either use the Fill component directly, or a wrapper component type as in the below example to abstract the slot name from consumer awareness. Then, render a Slot component anywhere in your application, giving it a name.


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A session start triggers the default action action_session_start. Its default
implementation moves all existing slots into the new session. Overriding this action could
for instance be used to initialize the tracker with slots from an external API
call, or to start the conversation with a bot message. The docs on
Customizing the session start action shows you how to do that. As of 3.1, you can use the influence_conversation flag under entities. The flag can be set to false to declare that an entity should not
be featurized for any intents.

Note that you can also define lists of intents for the optional parameters intent and not_intent. If you list your intents without a use_entities or ignore_entities
parameter, the entities will be featurized as normal. The domain can be defined as a single YAML file or split across multiple files in a directory. When split across multiple files, the domain contents will be read and automatically merged together. Architect creates the slot and slot type and returns a message, indicating that the Slot ‘Automobile” and Slot Type ‘Manufacturer’ were created.