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HRDK Employment Notice for Local Employee at East Timor EPS Center

The Human Resources Development of Korea at East Timor EPS Center openly hires contract employees to carry out the employment permit system project as follows.


Classification Key details
  • Eligibility for application
  • Factors 18 years of age or older as of the date of public announcement
  • a person who can speak Korean or English
  • Computer utilization (MS OFFICE and Hancom) Anyone who can write Korean and English documents
  • A person who can submit a criminal history certificate by a police station when signing a contract * Those who have a history of serious crimes will be disqualified(Acceptance canceled upon future discovery)
  • A person who has no reason for disqualification from traveling abroad

* Preferential treatment for persons who can perform accounting services

  • Working conditions

Type of employment: Fixed-term workers whose employment relationship expires after the expiration of the contract period

  • Scheduled working period: From the date of signing the contract (scheduled for July 1) to December 31, 2024 (Tue)

[Depending on their work evaluation, they can renew the contract on a yearly basis next year]

  • Performance: Administrative assistance such as business promotion and accounting for East Timor EPS Center
  • Working area: East Timor EPS Center and UBT testing site
  • Salary level: $600 to $900 per month (Further determination within $900 depending on job difficulty)
  • Working hours: 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) 8 hours a day (08:30-17:30)
  • Others: Closed on holidays in East Timor, one day of paid leave is given for full attendance of one month.


Screening schedule (scheduled)  and details

–  Applications received from 24.6.14 (Fri)  to 6.19 (Wed)  15:00

–  Document screening  ‘24.6.20 (Thursday)  around 3 people selected,

–  Interview  screening  ‘24.6.21. (Friday)  16:00  only 3 people selected,

(One  final person selected) * SITE : UBT  TEST SITE (BECORA  DNEE  SEFOPE)

※ The schedule above is subject to change depending  on the circumstances and will be notified online in case of change and interview test site

Reception of application: Applicants visit the HRDK UBT  test site(BECORA  DNEE), fill out the application form, and submit it (9:00 to 15:00 within the application period)

◮  Document screening: Application-based  screening

○ Evaluation items: Appropriateness of application motivation,  quality and knowledge of EPS  center workers, etc.

○ Criteria for determining successful candidates: 2 to 5 times the number of people to be hired in the order of high scores among 60% or more scorers.

◮Interview  screening: Interview  is conducted  in a multi-to-many question-and-answer  method.

○  Evaluation items: Hiring high scorers for evaluation such as work ethics and job performance  ability

Recruitment Notice



Director of the HRDK East Timor EPS Center