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Employment Opportunity – Australia ( Selesaun PALM Scheme 2022 )

The Secretária de Estado da Formação Profissional e Emprego (SEFOPE) through the Direcção Nacional Emprego Exterior (DNE’E) has opened the Pacific and Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) Scheme registrations for expression of interest for various industries, but not limited to it: Meatworks, Agriculture/Horticulture, Fisheries, Production-Processing Line (general), Hospitality/Accommodation, Trades, Specialized Cleaning jobs, Electrician, Drivers and Constructions. This registration will assist DNEE to select relevant candidates for semi-skilled opportunities under the PALM Scheme (Seasonal and Long Term) to supplement the LSU Work Ready Pool in preparation for upcoming recruitments.

If you are interested to apply and register to Work Ready Pool, please use one of the following options and apply only once:

1. Access the DNEE website: and click on the link below to register your application: 

2. Contact LSU by email address:, with – Selesaun PALM Scheme 2022 tittle and provide your full name, date of birth, and the municipality of residence/origin and request an application form.

The application process will occur from 13 to 31 December 2022.

The following are general criteria applicable to anyone interested to apply for PALM Scheme:

  • Timor-Leste citizens – born in or from Timor-Leste parents, and residing in Timor-Leste for more than 10 years
  • Ages between 21 and 36
  • Good written, comprehension & spoken English
  • Demonstrate at minimum 2 years’ experience in relevant jobs to PALM Scheme
  • Physically fit to carry heavy loads and stand long hours
  • Healthy and minimum double Vaccinated for COVID-19
  • Does not have previous police or criminal record
  • Discussed with family and are prepared to work in Australia for up to 4 years

Person Specification/Abilities

Have a positive and helpful attitude                              Well presented

Good communication skills                                             Team player

Attention to details                                                           Reliable and flexible to work with

Understand and follow instructions                             Read and understand safety rules

Excellent hand/foot/eye coordination                         Adaptable to change circumstances

Respect contract arrangement and program rules


Additional criteria

  • Candidates already in the LSU Work Ready Pool don’t need to apply considering that they are already in the system (seasonal or long term)
  • Candidates that were blacklisted, had a bad performance or a bad reference from employer are/will be excluded from this recruitment
  • This recruitment is open for all applicants from 13 Municipalities, including RAEOA

Examples of tasks/jobs performed in the industries


Agriculture/Horticulture Fisheries Hospitality Meatworks
Farm hand – assist with odd jobs at the farm

Citrus Farms:

–          Pruning citrus tress

–          Picking citrus

–          Planting trees

–          Removing dead wood from trees

–          Packing fruit into boxes

–          Labelling boxes

–          Forklift driving

–          Tractor driving

–          General farm duties


Lettuce, Broccoli, and other crops:

–          box making, packing, stacking

–          operating the wash line machinery

–          picking crops

–          general farm duties


Strawberry/ Blueberry and other crops:

–          Picking fruits

–          box making, packing, stacking

–          operating the wash line machinery

–          general farm duties


Tractor Drivers


–   Bait, launch and retrieve up to 20 fish traps.

–         Remove fish from traps, sort, kill and pack fish in refrigerated sea water storage tank.

–         Maintain ropes, float lines, wire ropes and other deck equipment, prepare new traps for deployment.

–         Maintain ropes, float lines, wire ropes and other deck equipment, prepare new traps for deployment.

–         Pack, weight, and store fish in vessel hold.

–         Clean and sanitise work equipment and areas.

–         Safely deploy and retrieve anchors.

–         Taking part in emergency vessel drills

–         Splice ropes

–         Weld fish traps

–         Assist with maintenance of vessel.

–         prepare fishing lines and attach hooks.

–         Live in the boat for lengths of time.



– Kitchen hand

–          Assistant Cook

–          Cleaning Crew (inside)

–          Restaurant / Bar

–          Room services

–          Maintenance

–          Others


Cleaning a meat processing factory (abattoir)

–          Afternoon and Night shift: 4pm – 4am (Monday – Friday)

–          Physically demanding position (lifting, bending, kneeling, standing)

–          Will be required to hold a hose for an extended period of time

–          Required to have a drug & alcohol test prior to starting

–          Required to have Q-Fever vaccination

Physical requirements

–          Standing for the entirety of the shift (6-8 hours)

–          Frequently and repetitively squat and extend arms

–          Frequently and repetitively bend, crouch, twist and kneel

–          Carry chemical drums weighing up to 25kg

–          Carry industrial hoes weighing up to 25kg

–          Lift 5kg – 25Kg

–          Stand for 8+ hours per day.

–          Regular bending/ lifting and repetitive movements

–          Process offal

–          Separate organs

–          Move carcasses.

–          Load meat products for dispatch

–          Pack meat into cartons

–          Clean and sanitise equipment and work areas.

–          Operate machinery/ equipment





carpentry, mechanics, joinery, plumbing, electrical work, air-conditioner, solar panels, etc




Dili, Timor-Leste